How did a box become a Boxx?

In 2016 I attended my first pole fitness class, it would be 2 years later when I purchased my own pole and assembled it in a spare room that I would start my pole fitness blog. Soon after the set up of my pole fitness blog I quit my Global Gym membership where the owner stated “It’s a real shame, you could’ve really done something with your fitness.” This has stuck in my head as a motivator and often arises when I accomplish a goal.

Soon after my decision to quit the Global Gym I attended a taster session at my local CrossFit gym. After the WOD (this is the workout of the day you’ll get when you attend a CrossFit class) I fell in love with the uplifting spirit and comradery that CrossFit encompassed; I signed up on the spot.

I became immersed in the fitness and health industry, I felt better both physically and mentally by attending regular WOD and pole classes, I became passionate about setting goals and successfully hitting them. I experimented with my nutrition and diet to seek what benefited my body and mind, enabling me to push past mental and physical barriers.

In late 2019 I took the step towards veganism, although slipping up from time to time I was passionate about the environmental, health and animal rights benefits of this lifestyle. At first I struggled to source enough protein from a plant based diet but through experimenting and research I was able to reach all of my macro and micro nutrient goals.

I looked at the industries of CrossFit and pole fitness in which I had become so absorbed in and quickly realised there were very few options available for affordable and sustainable products. The documentary Game Changers had certainly helped the CrossFit industry but little had been done for pole fitness. This was my first motivator.

During late 2019 the movement towards mental health awareness was beginning to gather pace. Although there were many more steps to be taken at a government level to help, the population of the UK appeared to be moving into a “speak about your feelings and seek help” era, where it was no longer frowned upon to speak up about struggles and to “man up” was no longer acceptable. During this time, 3 people I went to school with committed suicide. This was my second motivator.

Global warming is becoming evermore paramount in the discussions we have today, it is no longer a hypothesis or theory but a scientifically proven fact. Where the demonstration of our poor choices are shown in extreme weather, changes in climate, melting ice caps, ocean acidification and more. There are so many small changes we can make which will benefit our planet but many people are still not aware or practising these. This was my third motivator.

In December 2019 I attended a pole class with my close friend, I opened up about my thoughts above and how I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I wanted to do something about it. She replied “we can do all of that.”

We wanted to create a subscription box for pole dancers with products that enhanced the pole industry, we wanted everybody who subscribed to our box to look forward to opening their package and discovering something that would not only enhance their pole dancing and fitness but enable them to smash their goals. We wanted our box to promote veganism as a beneficial act towards the environment, our health and animal rights. A box that promoted the importance in looking after our mental health and harnessing self love, to enable further movement towards openly talking about our own mental health challenges in the hope to improve peoples lives and even save them. Lastly, we wanted to make sure that the products and subscription box we created did not hinder our planet but help sustain our planet.

This is PoleBoxx.

Two months ago I walked past my old Global Gym which had closed down. All I thought to myself was “It’s a real shame, you could’ve really done something with your fitness.”

Published by PoleBoxx

PoleBoxx is a UK based brand providing affordable and high quality monthly subscription boxes. Pole fitness is an ever growing sport and PoleBoxx is here to support your development at every level. We are writing this blog to give an insight into the development and production of a sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan subscription box and pole fitness brand. This blog will establish the challenges, lessons learnt and improvements we have come across as a brand and entrepreneurs with the purpose to help other companies with a similar goal to ours.

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