Business Set Up Checklist

When we created PoleBoxx we muddied through what we should be doing and setting up. Here’s a business checklist to help you out:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest – even if you do not plan on using all these social media platforms, set your companies account up on all of them in order to secure the name.

Website – you can purchase your domain on many websites. This is something I wish I knew when setting up our PoleBoxx website. I instantly googled ‘purchase domain’ and clicked on the first link available, purchasing with a website company. Later down the line when I wanted to use as this was the perfect fit for PoleBoxx and our subscription service, I had to transfer the domain across (difficult if you are not technically minded.) My tip would be find the website company you want to work with and buy your domain through them.

Companies House – Register your company with Companies House. Sole traders do not need to register with Companies House. Instead, they must simply register with HMRC and complete an annual Self Assessment tax return. However, if you’re starting a limited company or limited liability partnership (LLP), you are legally required to register with Companies House.

Business Email – when you purchase your domain you will be able to set up an email. For example we purchased and were able to set up the email through for

Business Bank Account – We researched a lot of business accounts and found that newer companies such as Monzo, Coconut and Starling were more beneficial to start up businesses. They don’t have any hidden charges, in fact they don’t have any charges at all.

Logo – We created our PoleBoxx logo on and copied the image. Don’t do this. I know that when starting a business you want to keep expenses down, but in order to keep the quality of the logo when printing and posting you need to purchase the actual logo image. We also found that with once we purchased the logo we received various different formats, from black and white to transparent which is really helpful for different coloured products and your website.

Published by PoleBoxx

PoleBoxx is a UK based brand providing affordable and high quality monthly subscription boxes. Pole fitness is an ever growing sport and PoleBoxx is here to support your development at every level. We are writing this blog to give an insight into the development and production of a sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan subscription box and pole fitness brand. This blog will establish the challenges, lessons learnt and improvements we have come across as a brand and entrepreneurs with the purpose to help other companies with a similar goal to ours.

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