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As stated in our Business Set Up Checklist blog we used to create

We set up our domain on a different website to start with and found this quite difficult. We were really unsure about how to build the website and create a checkout using this platform and we didn’t have a lot of time to invest in learning HTML coding. Starting a new business, maintaining full time jobs and training was already enough of a balancing act.

After researching different website platforms we discovered Subbly. Subbly has all kinds of Gucci add-ons from a website builder to finances and analytical reports. We found it really easy to transfer our domain over to Subbly as their help desk is incredibly cooperative and their plethora of guides are simple to follow. Here’s an outline of their services:

Start from Scratch or Add to an Existing WebsiteSubbly have 2 options you can either create a website with them (which we did) or add their checkout platform to your existing website.

Subscriptions and One-time PurchasesSubbly allows you to set up subscriptions for products and also one time purchases for products (this literally blew our minds.)

Marketing Tools Subbly has a beautiful administration dashboard for your website which includes marketing analysis. Subbly analyse the customers that flow through your website and gives you the tools to reach more customers.

Order Management System – speaking of beautiful administration, it is so easy to see your orders coming through using Subbly’s dashboard. You are able to download the orders dashboard into excel and mark when orders have been shipped.

Automatic emails Subbly generates automatic emails to your customers when they order, when the item is shipped and when they sign up. You can add as many emails as you like and populate the information in the email.

14 day free trial – With Subbly you have a 14 day free trail to set up your entire website if you like and then cancel it with no cost whatsoever. Although we fell in love with its ease after an hour.

We have found it really easy to set up our website using Subbly, there is a very responsive live chat tool to help you if you get stuck and the monthly membership is affordable.

Another really positive element of Subbly is that once you are a member you can also join a Facebook group full of entrepreneurs using Subbly. At PoleBoxx we have found this network particularly helpful, not just for building the website but for advice on how to start up our business. We have met some great people through this platform who have enhanced our business and allowed us to grow further.

So if you’re thinking of setting up your own subscription service or even just one time purchases, PoleBoxx recommends using

Published by PoleBoxx

PoleBoxx is a UK based brand providing affordable and high quality monthly subscription boxes. Pole fitness is an ever growing sport and PoleBoxx is here to support your development at every level. We are writing this blog to give an insight into the development and production of a sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan subscription box and pole fitness brand. This blog will establish the challenges, lessons learnt and improvements we have come across as a brand and entrepreneurs with the purpose to help other companies with a similar goal to ours.

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